Cloudia & Rex

Cloudia & Rex

God-like power. Kid-sized packages.

After losing their dad, 12yr old Cloudia and her kid sister Rex are taken on a roadtrip by their mother, who is having a hard time dealing with the stress of sudden single-motherhood.  When their car is blasted off the road by a strange bold from the sky, the kids find themselves with strange abilities – Cloudia has super strength, and Rex is… a woolly rhino.  It seems they’ve been possessed by two twin gods, Thanatos and Hypnos, who are fleeing the god-realm which is being overtaken by The High Waveform, a single consuming entity.  Their mission is to use the girls to ferry the remaining fleeing gods to the World Tree, where a new realm of gods can be reborn.

It’s all a lot for a 12 year old to fully appreciate until the weight of the responsibility catches up with her.

A lushly rendered supernatural fantasy that follows two girls and their mother who find themselves in the middle of a vast, supernatural exodus.

Written by: Ulises Fariñas and Erick Freitas
Illustrated by: Daniel Irizarri

Alex Lu, The Comics Beat

``The strength of Myth meets the power of Family.``

“I am a sucker for modern myths and low fantasy stories, so a story about two girls being imbued with the power of gods and going on a journey of discovery and reconciliation seems right up my alley.”


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Cloudia-and-Rex-#2 coverX
Cloudia-and-Rex-#3 cover

Ulises Farinas, Writer

A cartoonist and writer who meticulously blends genres, styles, and universes. Breaking down the walls between imagination and reality, he depicts super-saturated, hyper-detailed worlds where heroes and monsters are as fantastic as the landscapes they inhabit. Currently writing IDW’s Judge Dredd with Erick Freitas, drawn by Dan McDaid. Also with Erick Freitas, he is also the cowriter of Amazing Forest, available on Comixology and soon to be published by IDW. He is the artist and cowriter, of GAMMA, a one-shot comic previously serialized in Dark Horse Presents, and the writer of the pulp-throwback anthology AMAZING FOREST. He also has drawn Catalyst – Agents of Change, written by Joe Casey, Judge Dredd: City of Courts written by Douglas Wolk. He has done work for Marvel, Dark Horse, Vertigo, Image, BOOM! Studios, IDW, Wired Magazine, Complex, INC. Magazine, Zupi Magazine, the New York Times, Threadless Select, Faesthetic, and MunkyKing. His work has also been featured numerous times on Comics Alliance, Io9, Project Rooftop, The Daily What, The Comics Reporter, and SuperPunch.

Erick Freitas, Writer

Erick Freitas is a writer who has co-written several books with Ulises Farinas, including JUDGE DREDD, AMAZING FOREST, MOTRO, and GODZILLA IN HELL.

Daniel Irizarri, Artist

Daniel is a Puerto Rican artist best known for his work on PROPHET and AMERICATOWN.

  • Pages: 24 pages + cover
  • Format: monthly comic series and TPB collection
  • Size:  6.625″ x 10.1875″
  • Cover Price: $3.99 / $9.99
  • RELEASE DATE: (issue 1) July 2017 (issue 2) Aug 2017 (issue 3) Sep 2017 (TPB) Nov 2017

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