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About Neurobellum, Inc.

Who’re we kidding? Using the pronoun “we” all over this site? We’re not really a “we”, unless you include all of the massively talented creators whose work is featured throughout. No, NEUROBELLUM, INC. is frankly just one guy named Mike.  He started out in the video game industry way back in the pre-CD-ROM days of the early ’90s, straddling that career with a healthy hobby writing comics.  Pretty soon he was bridging that divide by producing video games with comic industry talent and making comics based on video games. After 20 years of full time game work, he decided to give the comics side full attention, first as publisher for Archaia Entertainment, then launching his own publishing company, Magnetic Press in 2013. With a focus on premium quality content and production value, Magnetic Press featured creators both new and established from around the world, sharing their stories with an English-language/North American audience often for the first time.  Magnetic’s award-winning library includes such celebrated titles as the LOVE series of wordless wildlife graphic novels, as well as Eisner-nominated books DOOMBOY, A GLANCE BACKWARD, LITTLE TAILS, THE GHOST OF GAUDI, and Dave Dorman’s WASTED LANDS OMNIBUS. In 2016, Magnetic Press was acquired by Lion Forge Comics and became The Magnetic Collection at Lion Forge, continuing the tradition of signature quality curation and production to book shelves.

Mike continues to produce awesome books and the occasional book trailer for The Magnetic Collection while also dabbling in music. He doesn’t always refer to himself in the third person. Only when writing professional bios like this one.