Love: The Lion

LOVE: The Lion


A young lion wanders the Serengeti in search of a pride to call his own. But being alone, he is watched with cautious eyes by those families he encounters along the way, including a coalition of rival males in search of their own pride to conquer.

So the nomad searches patiently, waiting for the opportunity to claim his territory and find a new family. But loneliness can lead to desperate action…

The third volume in the lavishly illustrated, award-winning series of wildlife graphic novels, each depicting a day in the life of different wild animals, told through the dramatic lens of Disney-esque storytelling, like a nature documentary in illustration.

  • Written by Frédéric Brrémaud
  • Illustrated by Federico Bertolucci

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Publishers Weekly

“...Breathtaking Beauty…”

“…gorgeous full page illustrations that recall Disney’s animated classics.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Visually lavish and unforgettable.``

“…a visually arresting tale of survival and reunion.” “…the book is gorgeous and the panels, breathlessly paced…”


``Expertly controlled...``

“A beautiful slice-of-life graphic novel…”


``Animalistic Ferocity has Never Looked as Gorgeous as it Does in LOVE``

“…If you are someone who loves comics for its ability to grant narrative meaning to still images, this book was made for you.”

Whatcha- reading .com

``a perfect example of what this medium can achieve.``

“Their storytelling is not only fluid and approachable but utterly beautiful.

Comicbook- resources (CBR)

“a monument to modern sequential narrative.”

“…gorgeously rendered and ultimately heartwarming story”


(Eisner Award Winning Artist of SANDMAN & PROMETHEA)

“…A stunning visual delight that paints the natural world with a lush sense of wonder and graceful wit. You will joyfully lose yourself in its abundance.”
  • Pages: 80 pages
  • Format: Hardcover with spot-glossed elements and curved corners
  • Size:  8.5″ x 11″
  • Cover Price: $17.99
  • ISBN:  978-1-942367-09-3
  • RELEASE DATE: June 8, 2016

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